VoxECall Business Suite

 VoxECall VOIP Business Suite 

Provides A Full Range of  VOIP Services

Exabar voip business suiteThe Exabar Telecom VoxECall VOIP Business Suite includes the VoxECall Enterprise Edition and the VoxECall Professional Edition. VoxECall Suite is a perfect fit for any small to medium business. Seamlessly connect all your employees, offices, and remote workers so they are just an extension call away. VoxECall Suite is a remote hosted, cloud based system providing scalability, maintenance, and updates that delivers a perpetual phone system for the customer. VoxECall Suite provides worldwide service with local phone numbers anywhere in the United States. VoxECall Enterprise Edition has extended capability beyond VoxECall Professional Edition however the two editions have a similar feature set

VoxECall Enterprise Edition

Our flagship product is the VoxECall Enterprise Edition which is a perfect fit for the telecom needs of any medium sized business.

  • A full private branch exchange phone system (PBX)
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Unlimited metered calling
  • Fully customizable

VoxECall Professional Edition

The best solution for small business phone systems and service is our VoxECall Professional Edition.

  • Unlimited calling for each extension
  • Virtual private phone system
  • Full feature set


VoxECall Options

Local Number Portability (LNP)
Local Telephone Numbers Available
Toll Free Number
International Calling

VoxECall Features

  • Also known as Interactive Voice Response or IVR, your callers will be given choices such as “Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support….”
  • Day and Night Mode Schedule:  Create different greetings according to the time of day, and day of week, or holiday
  • Dial-By-Name Directory:  Callers can dial a last name to get to the extension they need.
  • Virtual Departments:  Set up a call group based on job function.
  • Multiple Auto Attendants:  Play different greeting messages on each incoming phone number.
  • Caller ID on call waiting:  Know who is calling before interrupting current call.
  • Call Forwarding: Redirect calls to your mobile or other phone so you won’t miss any calls.
  • Call Hold:  Easily put a call on hold while you answer another call.
  • Call Transfer: Attended Transfer (alert forwarding party before transfer) and Blind Transfer (Transfer call directly)
  • Call Waiting:  Be notified when someone else is trying to call if you are already on a call.
  • Do Not Disturb:  Callers go directly to voicemail when you do not want to be disturbed.
  • Call Logs:  Provides detailed call records by extension or account.
  • Password Protected Voicemail: Prevent unauthorized access to voicemail.
  • Voicemail Greeting Options: Unavailable / Busy / Employee’s Name
  • Voicemail to Email: Receive voicemail as a .wav file (or “audio file”) attached to email.
  • Remote Access: Lets you check your voicemail through web interface.
  • Visual Waiting Indicator: Works with your IP phone’s message indicator light.
  • Dashboard: Provides real time status of all extensions within the phone system
  • Custom Tag: Easily identify origin of incoming calls by adding a unique tag to each published phone number
  • Cell Phone integration: Forward calls to cell phones and use PBX functions from cell phones.
  • Softphone Support: Compatible with many popular Softphones.
  • Follow Me: Calls can be forwarded to multiple numbers that will ring in a designated sequence.
  • Music on Hold: Plays music/message for callers when they are on hold.
  • Call Flip: Seamlessly transfer your calls to a cell phone to take a conversation on-the-go
  • Unlimited Calling: Unlimited local and long distance minutes on any given extension
  • Local Number Portability (LNP): Keep an existing phone number by porting it from your current provider.
  • Web Portal Interface: Administrators and users configure and manage their own services thru an easy-to-use Web interface.
  • Emergency Service (911)