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img call center voip solutionsVoxECall  Call Center VOIP Solutions

Exabar Telecom is proud to offer the VoxECall Call Center VOIP Solutions. Our call center VOIP solution is a state of the art Cloud Based Software as a Service (SaaS) offering.

Why choose a Cloud based solution? For one thing you typically do not have to purchase hardware to deploy a Hosted Call Center Solution. Leveraging a Cloud based strategy allows companies to save $1000’s in upfront costs! You do not have to hire IT Staff to look after and manage servers. You do not have to dedicate valuable physical space for server storage or spend $1000’s on equipment maintenance. The Cloud Based Solution allows companies to deploy in days as opposed to weeks.

VoxECall Center is feature rich, offering you capabilities that were once reserved only for very large organizations with deep pockets.  It’s no wonder that there is a huge paradigm shift across the country in that company’s are shedding their outdated premise based Call Center Equipment strategy and instead opting for Hosted/Cloud based call center voip solutions. VoxECall Call Center is a highly customizable hosted solution that can be easily modified to meet the unique needs of your business.

Partnering with Exabar Telecom allows you to successfully accomplish your goals. Success in setting more appointments, improved customer service, focused customer interaction and overall internal efficiency. 


VoxECall Call Center provides your business with a secure solution that is reliable and affordable.
  • Enjoy Crystal Clear Voice Quality provided with VoxECall Call Center Hosted service.
  • Whether your Call Center is focused on Inbound, Outbound or both, has 10 agents or 100+, Exabar has a reliable, affordable solution for you!
  • Achieve Full deployment in days not weeks. The Exabar VoxECall Center Solution can be deployed with Zero Downtime and intuitive features allow for an easy transition for your agents.  Minimal training time is needed to get employees 100% up to speed.
  • The Hosted Voip Tools that Exabar Telecom VoxECall Center provides allows your employees to get up to speed quickly so dramatic improvement in results and increased revenue attainment can be quickly realized.

Exabar Telecom provides professional consulting to ensure your Call Center is 100% optimized to generate the greatest results.

Many Exabar customers have chosen the VoxECall Call Center for their call center voip solutions because of the Scalability it provides. VoxECall Center allows for easy expansion and comfortably accommodates company growth. Need to add agents? No problem.  Add, Replace or adjust Agents quickly online with a few mouse clicks.